Why Do Newly Pregnant Women Always See Other Pregnant Women?

You have just found out that you are pregnant, and all of a sudden you are seeing pregnant women everywhere you go. It is amazing considering that it was rare to see pregnant women around before. Especially if you had gotten pregnant quite quickly. And, this is something that you were taught among many Law of Attraction teachers due to the fact that when you focus on something very hard, you will start to see it everywhere because the Universe is attracting you to what you are focusing on. This means it is all around you. The saying is whatever you focus on expands. However, that has been proven to be false even though there is a grain of truth to it, and this phenomenon is called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. It is false only because it has nothing to do with any kind of amazing and mystical spiritual connection driven by the Universe. It is purely psychological. The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon has been described by various psychologists that whenever you are constantly thinking of something, you are looking for the very thing you are thinking about on an unconscious level. That said, your subconscious is bringing your attention to anything in your environment that has to do with the very thing that you are focusing on. And, the same applies when you are buying a new car. You will be seeing the same color and model of your car everywhere. You will be driving passed those drivers. The same goes for newly pregnant mothers.

Since a newly pregnant mother just found out about her pregnancy, she will not be focused on anything else other than her pregnancy for obvious reasons. With that said, she will be running into pregnant women everywhere, no matter how far along they are. Just by walking down a random street or taking a stroll in the mall will bring her to other pregnant moms. This is all due to the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. However, that is not the only reason that a newly pregnant mom will see pregnant moms wherever they go. The fact of the matter is, sometime along the pregnancy, the mom-to-be will be shopping for baby clothing, furniture to get the nursery ready, and will be going for appointments at the OBGYN’s office or have appointments with the midwife.

That will literally bring her closer to other pregnant moms. With that said, the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon is only half of the reason that pregnant moms will see many others as well. Either way, it is not due to any kind of special force from the Universe that plenty of Law of Attraction teachers keeps saying. It simply is not true. And, unfortunately, this also applies to those who are struggling with fertility or for those who have been trying for a baby for months but no success as of yet. Due to the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon alone, infertile couples will keep coming across pregnant women as well as young families with babies. That again is because all that is on the mind of any infertile couple is pregnancy and having a baby. And because of this extreme focus, then that is exactly what they will be running into on a constant basis. And, this would be quite distressing because they keep running into the thing that they are reminded that they are struggling to have, which is attaining a successful pregnancy and having a healthy baby. However, because of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon alone, they may frequently come across anything else that is related to infertility. They may start seeing ads for IVF clinics out of nowhere. They may also come across information about new and innovative fertility treatments that are on the rise which is always a hopeful thing for couples that are struggling with fertility.

And, yes, they may also come across other infertile couples as well. However, that would not once again be anything related to the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon either. The fertility clinics that these couples would go to would have support groups that would bring them closer to others who are suffering the same way with infertility. They would come across others in Facebook groups as well, as well as coming across commenters that are struggling with fertility when it comes to commenting on any kind of article shared on a page that is relevant to pregnancy. However, now you know that the reason that pregnant women are coming across other pregnant women. It has nothing to do with any kind of mystical force from the Universe. It is all in your subconscious!

Pregnancy courses, an overview

Pregnancy courses are abundant: to stay fit, to relax, to prepare for childbirth or breastfeeding, or to prevent certain pregnancy symptoms. But which course suits you? An overview. Following a pregnancy course is the way to prepare yourself for what is to come. You will receive information about the pregnancy, learn most techniques to cope with contractions and you will be showered with tips and advice about the upcoming motherhood.

Useful and cozy

In addition, many courses are not only useful, but often also enjoyable. You come into contact with other pregnant women, with whom you can chat about your pregnancy sickness and exchange tips without being disturbed . A nice way to meet new people who will soon have a child in the same age category as yours.

Types of pregnancy courses

So far the agreements, because the offer is very varied. You’ve probably heard about pregnancy gym and yoga. But there are so many more pregnancy clubs. There are sporting pregnancy courses, the main goal being: staying fit during your pregnancy. There are courses that focus more on your mind, where you can relax and learn how to mentally prepare for childbirth. And there are informative courses, where you mainly receive information and advice about your pregnancy or about one specific theme, such as giving birth or breastfeeding. The need for information is often greater with a first pregnancy than with a second or third pregnancy. So you can also take this into account when choosing. During a first pregnancy, you often want to know everything, but also everything. It is still so new and uncomfortable. In later pregnancies, you may only need a refresher course or choose to stay fit rather than for a lot of information get on conception date pregnancy calculator.

The second pregnancy is different

It is certainly not that special, but this time you know better what to expect. And are you busy with your oldest child. Read here what you can expect for a second pregnancy.

With or without a partner

With some courses, your partner is also welcome. That can be at any lesson, or once, during a special partner class. Other courses are completely focused on you. Many of the courses are grouped with a class full of pregnant women. But there are also private courses, such as pregnancy yoga at home or a private session of autonomy. So enough choice. To guide you through the world of pregnancy courses, we have put all sorts of things together.


Even if you are pregnant you can not escape the mindfulness trend. It is currently one of the fastest growing pregnancy courses offered in the Netherlands. A mindfulness course for pregnant women helps you deal with stress. You learn to meditate and live more ‘in the moment’. This way you can confidently accommodate the birth. Read more about being mindful pregnant and giving birth and whether it is suitable for you.


Another trend (thanks to top model Doutzen Kroes and many other celebrities) is HypnoBirthing , a pregnancy course where you learn to relax so much that you can easily catch your contractions. It is ideal if you can persuade your partner to participate, because then he also learns all sorts of techniques to support you during the delivery.


Pregnancy Haptonomy you follow together with your partner and aims to make contact with the baby in your stomach . This is done by means of touch, by placing hands on the pregnant belly. Extra fun for your partner, because he does not feel the baby moving continuously. The course prepares you for the delivery and your new relationship after the birth of your child. In autonomic pregnancy guidance, we also consider how you can (together) cope with the pain of the contractions during childbirth. Upon exercise Mensendieck or Cesartherapie is all about how to prevent physical problems during pregnancy. With such a big belly the center of gravity of your body changes and that can cause back pain or a very pelvis. In these courses, you learn to lift, sit and walk in a good way. In addition, you are prepared for delivery: breathing, puffing, pressing and various postures to cope with the contractions.

Tips to prevent pelvic pain

The main way to reduce and prevent pelvic pain is to keep moving (special pregnancy gym or yoga for example). If the muscles around your pelvis and low back are strong, they can better absorb the entire pelvic joint. This way you will not suffer from complaints as quickly.

Train your transverse abdominal muscles

The transverse abdominal muscles are coordination muscles in contrast to the other abdominal muscles that are real strength muscles. They are very important for the stability of your pelvis and back. The muscles are below your navel and run from your sternum to your pubic bone from left to right over your stomach, see it as a body corset. You can continue to train this muscle group during your pregnancy. Lie on your back with bent knees: your knees point straight up and do not hang in or out. On the exhale you can very gently contract the transverse abdominal muscle by pulling your navel in a little bit (with only ten percent strength). To see if you are doing this well, you can check yourself by placing your index and middle fingers on the inside of your pelvis. You then feel a very mild pressure of only 10% strength coming up under your fingers. The complaints often get worse as you get tired. So make sure – even at work – that you take a short break after something active.

Listen carefully to your body

If you feel pain somewhere, you often move differently to spare that painful place. Understandable, but the annoying thing is that you just overload other places. Take pain complaints seriously and consult with your midwife or (pelvic) physiotherapist what you can do best.

Ask for help

Ask for help in time if you notice that something is becoming too heavy for you physically. Indicate your limits on your work, but also at home, for example. Leave heavy jobs as groceries, gardening or vacuuming to your partner.

Lift your (possible) another child (ren) in the right way

Mothers often carry their children on the same hip / pelvis side, usually on the left . Because of this, this part of the pelvis is more ‘forward’ and there is a lot of pressure on the back and the pelvis to have to correct this asymmetrical pulling force. Try to carry your child in the middle of your stomach, so that a leg leans on the left and right hip. It may not be so charming, but if you are pregnant it is important to be slightly apart with your legs. Turn your thighs out slightly and make sure that your hips and glutes are relaxed. Sometimes a low chair or deep bench is not so comfortable anymore and helps to sit on a higher chair. Do not sit down with legs crossed. This creates extra tension on your pelvis. Sitting cross-legged is better for your pelvis: relax with or without pillows.


Just before you get up from a chair or out of bed (first), try to tighten your transverse abdominal muscles slightly. This is what you do: pull your belly button a little, move your pelvis forward to the edge of the chair or bed, put one foot back and leave the other. Move straight up from your sternum, push your feet in the ground (so you keep your back and pelvis in a neutral position) and activate your buttocks and leg muscles. Now stand straight up and you are ready to go.


When you stand, divide your weight over both legs. Especially if you have a standing profession, it is important to pay attention to your posture and not to hang from one leg to the other. Keep your knees slightly bent and let your toes point out a little bit.

Dress up

It may seem like an exaggeration, but getting dressed is best done. Standing on one leg is not only bad for your posture, but you also get out of balance faster. As your stomach grows, the center of gravity in your body changes. You will not be the first pregnant to roll across the floor with one leg in her pantyhose.

Lifting and bending

If you have to lift or bend, make sure that the center of gravity of your body stays in the middle of your body during your pregnancy. Think of the squat posture in the gym: buttocks backwards, knees bent and shoulders above your knees. Avoid having to lift and turn in one movement, for example when removing the dishwasher or lifting groceries from the shopping cart in the car or on the bicycle. First, make one move and then the other. Think of a bad imitation of a robot.

Laying in bed

If you lie on your side, it is nice if your hips remain as straight as possible. What helps is to put a pillow between your knees. This way you give more space and relaxation to your pelvis.

Getting out of bed

Avoid getting straight out of bed immediately. First roll on your side, tighten your abs and let your legs sideways fall out of bed first. Help yourself up by pushing up your hands with your hands. If getting up from bed gives complaints, then apply this trick. If you want to turn left out of bed, first bend your right knee. Push your right heel into the bed for the outlet, bring your right arm to your left side, continue rolling and continue. Now pull your knee, move your hips forward. Push yourself up with your right hand and use your legs by letting them go down as a lever and so come up.